2015 Year In Review

In keeping with the tradition to write a Year in Review post every December, I sat down and had a lot of fun re-reading my posts from 2015.  I didn’t have the chance to complete as many projects as I would’ve liked this year.  This pregnancy has whooped my butt, is all I have to say!

My favorite projects from this year — both large and small — are below, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Each post contains a full tutorial on how to complete similar projects for your own home or others.

Every holiday season, we surprise our family with a remodeled room of their choosing.  Last year’s was my mom’s main bathroom.  This bathroom is the primary one that she and her guests use, and she always wanted to fix it up to make it something special.  So, we made it happen!  We first removed everything — the peel-and-stick tile, the vanity and sink, the toilet, the baseboards, light fixture, and other fixtures throughout the room.  We then painted the walls and ceiling; installed a new ceramic tile floor, a new vanity and granite countertop, and a new toilet; installed an oil rubbed bronze light fixture, faucet, and other bath accessories; as well as installed and painted new crown molding and baseboards.  This renovation took three days to complete, and the look on my mom’s face upon its reveal was worth every minute.

January: Wine Cork Monogram

I have a bit of an obsession with wine corks.  We have them stashed all over our dining room.  One day, I picked up a large “S” from Michael’s for two bucks, and decided to glue wine corks on top of it.  It was a simple project that took me less than an hour to finish.  I now have the monogram hanging in our living room, and I absolutely love the way that it turned out!

January: Rustic Firewood Wreath

While my mom was in town one weekend, we decided to repurpose one log of firewood and turn it into a wreath.  To do so, I sliced up the firewood with my miter saw, and then we used a brad nail gun to attach the wood pieces to a craft MDF frame.  To add a little feminine touch, we tied faux hydrangeas and a bow to one side. This wreath looked fabulous in my mudroom all spring, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites.

May: House Number Wreath

Continuing with the wreath trend, my mom and I created a simple wreath for my front door using a grapevine wreath, some faux dahlias and peonies, a bow, and painted wooden house numbers.  This wreath hung on my front door for the rest of the year.  It’s beautiful and functional, and our address can be seen from the road.  I have a feeling this wreath will be our primary one in the years to come!

August: A Dinosaur-Themed Nursery Reveal

Our biggest news of the year was, after doing rounds of infertility treatments, we found out that we were expecting a baby girl on Christmas Day.  This little girl is somebody who we’ve been aching to meet for almost four years now, so we knew that her nursery was going to have to be just as special as she was going to be to us.  Evan and I both love dinosaurs, so we decided to go all out and design a dinosaur-themed nursery for her.  We painted dinosaur murals on the walls, decked out the closet, fixed up the flooring, and accessorized the room with as many dinosaur tchotchkes we could find.  It’s such a magical room and we hope she loves it as much as we do.

August: Master Bedroom Closet Reveal

We have a huge closet problem in our house.  Each one of them was in complete disarray, overcrowded, and unorganized.  I decided to tackle our master bedroom one weekend by removing all of the junk and giving it a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling to match our master bathroom.  Then, we re-arranged the existing metal shelving to make it more functional, added one additional shelf, and put together “his-and-hers” cube storage systems for the bottom portion of the closet.  To finish the project, I added baskets for additional storage, two coat racks to serve as tie hooks, and a curtain as the new closet door.  This weekend renovation resulted in a beautiful, functional closet that looks just as great today as the day we finished it.  

October: A Kid’s Hallway Reveal

I had a burst of energy one Saturday afternoon, so I decided to fix up the awkward hallway space between our little girl’s nursery and her adjacent bathroom.  To do so, I painted the upper half of the walls with black chalkboard paint, installed oil rubbed bronze hooks onto the existing board and batten, and hung up her ultrasound photos in a series of frames.  This project was so simple that it only took a few hours from start to finish, and I can’t believe how well it turned out!

November: An Under-the-Sea Themed Kid’s Bathroom Reveal

After having a blast creating Audrey’s dinosaur-themed nursery, I knew that we had to do something equally special for her bathroom.  Therefore, I started with what was originally our “grown up” guest bathroom and gave it a fresh coat of paint.  Then, I used an overhead projector to paint an under-the-sea mural along of the walls.  New accessories were added throughout, as well as the installation of a GFI electrical outlet and brushed nickel robe hooks. This whimsical bathroom took all but three days to finish, and I hope it’ll inspire Audrey’s imagination in the years to come.


As the 2015 year draws to a close, I want to sincerely thank you for all of your love, help, and support in following my DIY adventures here at Paint Speckled Pawprints. I started this blog four years ago as a creative outlet for me to share my favorite pastime with my immediate friends and family. With this year, we breached nearly 950,000 page views and attained more than 430 Facebook likes. I hope that the blog will continue to flourish in the years to come, and all of that is truly a result of your direct help and support. I’ve got an endless amount of projects, recipes, and stories planned for 2016, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Thank you for following, and Happy Holidays to you and your families!

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