A Roller Hockey Rink Reveal

There is a roller hockey rink at Virginia Tech that is very near and dear to my heart.  We lost it in 2008 due to a more important campus construction project, and with a lot of dedication, perseverence, and fundraising, we — mainly my brother, Cory — were able to convince Tech to rebuild another in 2011.  The Roller Hockey Club at Virginia Tech (RHCVT) has since grown substantially and has more than 100 players today.  As far as we know, it is the only roller hockey rink in Southwestern Virginia.

I have been wanting to paint this hockey rink for years, but never got around to it.  With Cory graduating from Tech last May, we realized that this would be the last chance to paint it before he officially leaves Blacksburg this summer. So, we decided to spend a weekend painting and legitimizing the rink so that he can leave his final mark for RHCVT.
Cory designed the rink layout beforehand, complete with exact measurements.  Then, we enlisted the help of several RHCVT players to help carry out his vision.  This was a huge project, and we needed all of the extra hands we could get!
The rink itself was in fair shape.  All it needed was a little love and a lot of paint. Twenty-nine gallons, to be exact.
To do this, we chose Olympic’s Premium Exterior paint for masonry and concrete. The base color was a light gray so that it would resemble an ice hockey rink.  We used red, blue, maroon, orange, and black for accents.
To begin, we swept all dirt and debris off of the rink, and removed the goals.

And then we painted…

… and painted…

… and painted some more.  The gray covered extremely well and we only needed one coat in most places.
Then, we painted electric blue for the goal creases. 

And bright red for all of the lines and faceoff circles. 

The biggest endeavor was the RHCVT logo, which was designed to be 15′ x 15′ in the exact center of the rink.  To tackle the project, Evan and another player, Nicholas, graphed the logo so that it was 15 squares x 15 squares. 
Then, they measured and plotted the graph on the rink with painter’s tape.
And labeled each square with the corresponding letter and number from the graph.
To try to reduce the amount of painting and re-painting, the boys decided to mark the squares with the most dominant color present in each. 

Then, they painted it accordingly.

Once dry, we removed the tape to reveal the grid once again.  By this point, the logo looked like abstract art more than anything.

Then, Evan began the arduous task of drawing the logo by freehand. 

Nicholas followed Evan’s drawing by meticulously taping the outline of the logo.

All done!  This was just before midnight on Saturday.

The following morning, we painted the taped areas black to completely outline the logo.

Once the black paint was dry, we removed the tape and then re-taped the logo once again — this time, for the maroon and orange accents. Then, we painted the logo again and filled in the graph entirely.

Almost done!
Meanwhile, we also made the last finishing touches around the rink.

Ready for the big reveal?

My scoreboard from last year has held up well!
Here is the newly-refurbished Rovito Rink.

The logo is, hands down, the best part about it.

We didn’t have the time nor funding to be able to polyurethane or epoxy-coat the rink once it was completed, so I hope that the paint holds up well.  It might cause us to have to redo the paint every couple of years, but at least the hard part is already done.

I think the boys are proud of what they were able to accomplish in two days!

The best part?  Seeing my brother’s smile once it was all done.

Now we’re all ready to play some hockey.  Hope you like it as much as we do!
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