Quick Door Renewal

I wanted a cheap, easy fix to freshen up the two white doors in our garage.  One door leads into our mudroom and the other heads into the backyard.  Since our garage is now red, black, and silver, I decided to use some Rustoleum Hammered Paint that I had on hand for the doors.  This stuff will cover anything!

As soon as you apply the paint, it begins to bubble to give it a hammered appearance.

Perfect for a garage!
The door handles were made of a lovely brass.  I could’ve replaced them entirely, but decided not to let them go to waste.
Nothing a little spray paint won’t fix!

We’ve been living with these door handles since August, and they’ve held up very well.  The handles and locks still operate normally, too! 

There you go!  Not too bad for an hour’s worth of work to give these doors a new life.  Stay tuned for the complete garage overhaul!

2 thoughts on “Quick Door Renewal”

  1. I have also recently refreshed my doors, only the entrance doors. First, I called a locksmith and changed the locks on more reliable and robust ones. Then, I personally repainted them from red to purple. It turned out pretty good) I am handyman!) and they are the locksmiths who helped me to do this locksmith services new york


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