Unfinished Business

As much as I want to boast that my house is perfectly organized, beautiful, intricately decorated, and picturesque… it’s not.  It’s very much a work in progress.  And, well, since I’m not good with keeping secrets, I’ve decided to give you a tour of my unfinished projects!

For instance, take a gander at our garage.  It’s been half-painted since November.  Evan spent all last weekend cleaning it up, so it looks a million times better in this picture than it did a week ago.  Love him!  I have big plans for this garage!  I’m talkin’ huge — a complete overhaul.  It will be glorious once it’s done.

We replaced the fluorescent light with these nifty track lights in December.  As you can see,  I’ve been needing to repair the ceiling ever since!  But, since it’s me, I’m not going to simply patch the holes and paint the ceiling; instead, I want do a cool ceiling treatment that will tie the kitchen and adjacent dining room together.  I’m still thinkin’ of ideas…

Our mudroom, too, has looked like this for a few months now.  I’ve half-painted the walls, the cabinetry, the closet doors, and the steps.  This room has already been through a huge transformation, but I’ve got several more projects in mind before it’s done!

Our cat doesn’t seem to mind.  He loves this little room.
Right now, it serves as a dumping place for all of my painting tools rather than a mudroom.  Can’t wait to finally finish it!

Our living room.  I painted the walls and then wrote the living room reveal in November because I thought it was all done.  How silly and naive of me. 

I have some cool plans for this wall, but they’re going to have to wait until we have the budget available to finish it.  Perhaps later in the year I’ll be able to reveal it?
Our guest bedrooms are painted, too.  They’re certainly pretty and I adore the colors, but I’m still missing that “wow” factor. 

And I promise that I don’t pose Crash for every picture.  He follows me everywhere and is a ham for the camera!
And as for the other rooms?  Well… I’m almost done with those, so you’ll just have to be patient.  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Unfinished Business”

  1. Isn't it funny that we blog about out homes … but spend so much time blogging that behind the scenes things get a bit disheveled?

    Right now, I have a nail gun and compressor in my living room and the dining table is over-run with self-made pillow forms …




  2. I love how colorful your home is. We just moved into this house 2 years ago (how could it have been two years already?). Anyway, we were very bold with color and find it to be happy and inviting. I hope to see more pics of your rooms.


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