My Blog Makeover!

Paint Speckled Pawprints has received a total blog makeover and is looking pretty snazzy, all thanks to my friend, Kate, at her very own Katelyn Brooke Designs!

I met Kate during my senior year of high school; I had a pretty relaxed photojournalism class, so I’d pop over to the next-door art class to visit my best friend, Rachel.  During each one of these visits, I couldn’t help but notice that Kate, one of Rachel’s table mates, was a fabulous artist.  Oil, pastels, watercolors… it seemed like there wasn’t anything that Kate couldn’t do.

About two years ago, I stumbled upon Kate’s personal blog, Stripes and Polka Dots.  I loved her honest, carefree, fun, yet sophisticated accounts of life, college, and wedding planning.  Kate has since created her own blog design business, called Katelyn Brooke Designs.  She is incredibly easy to work with, is full of ideas, and her creativity and coding skills are stellar.  She offers full custom blog designs and a la carte items for Blogger and WordPress platforms at reasonable and affordable prices.  If you’re serious about blogging and would like to have your own blog makeover, please be sure to check out her portfolio!  Here are a couple of my favorite designs of hers:

In addition to Katelyn Brooke Designs and Stripes and Polka Dots, Kate authors her own art blog, called Sketch and Wash.  All three of these blogs are equally brilliant, personal, and beautiful.  Kate’s fun, quirky, and selfless personality totally shows through each one of her posts.  Be sure to check them out!

Kate’s a total gem, and I cannot thank her enough for all of the work that she’s done for me.

10 thoughts on “My Blog Makeover!”

  1. Thank you, Meg! It is quite an honor to have received that award from you. I'm still trying to figure out which blogs I want to dedicate the award to! How did you choose!? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Thank you, Jenna! You're too sweet. I adore the little story as to why you named your blog “It's Just Called Spicy.” Love it! I'm your newest follower!


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