Happy 2nd Birthday, Crash!

Today is my puppy’s second birthday.

As most of you pet owners out there, your dogs are more than just… dogs.  They are your kids and are a part of your family.  Our little family wouldn’t be as special as it is now without Crash.
Crash is a total goofball.  He thinks he’s a cat and loves to hang out on the backs of couches.
We find him in the strangest places and positions.
Nothing makes him happier than ice cubes, breakfast, dinner, sticks, and plenty of Nylabones.  
He is fast.  
His catching skills are… endearing.
He loves to get into trouble.
He doesn’t like baths.  
Or hats.
Crash idolizes his brothers and sisters, Zubrus, Marshall, Lily, and Bella (not pictured).
He’s also the best snuggle buddy.
And he sure knows how to melt your heart.
Happy birthday to my little Crash Test Puppy, Crash Potato, Crash Bandicoot, Crashus Clay, Crashers.  I wish I could tell you how much joy and laughter you have brought into our lives.

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