Emergency Wedding Kit

Last year, I served as a bridesmaid or Matron of Honor at three of the most important weddings of my life, which were celebrated for my best friend Rachel; my best friend and brother, Cory, and sister-in-law, Casey; and my two best friends, Dylan and Katie.  Yep, I consider them ALL to be my best friends.  Love them dearly.

Rachel and Brandon’s Wedding:  April 2, 2011
Casey and Cory’s Wedding:  June 18, 2011
Katie and Dylan’s Wedding:  August 7, 2011

It was certainly an exhausting, yet exciting and a truly wonderful year.  I’ll never forget witnessing the pure love and glee on each of their faces.

With three big weddings in such a short time frame, however, I couldn’t spoil the couples with as many gifts as I would have preferred.  I decided to go the DIY route with each bride’s shower gifts so that I could give them something unique and thoughtful without breaking the bank.  The brides and shower guests loved this particular gift, so I think it’s a good one.  🙂

Our two good friends, Sarah and Chris, are getting married at the end of March.  Sarah’s bridal shower is tomorrow, so I’ve decided to give her the same gift that I offered to Rachel, Casey, and Katie.  Using Sarah’s gift as a guide, here is my tutorial of how to make an Emergency Wedding Day Kit.

I don’t know about you, but I was a nervous bride. I forgot anything and everything, and panicked over every crisis, both little and small, that developed.  This kit ended up being extremely helpful in all three of the weddings last year, and I wish I would have thought to have packaged something similar for mine!

At Target, I collected a basket full of miscellaneous travel-sized items that may prove as a necessity shall a small emergency arise on the wedding day.  Since I used to sell Mary Kay cosmetics in college, I have a bunch of makeup samples laying around, so I included those, as well.  Together, I came up with the following: 
Hair spray, hair brush, bobby pins, hair ties, Wisps, mouthwash, Altoids, deodorant, blush, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, makeup remover pads, lip gloss, lipstick, Chapstick, tweezers, nail clippers, nail filer, clear nail polish, mirror, cotton balls, Q-tips, facial moisturizer, hand cream, tampons, panty liners, eye contact solution, contact lens case, tissues, Tide-to-Go, lint roller, sewing kit, scissors, super glue, duct tape, safety pins, hand sanitizer, Ibuprofen, Band-Aids, snacks, shaving razor, and shaving cream.

I placed all of these items into a scrapbooking box that I bought from Michael’s.  A little Tetris was involved in making sure that everything could fit properly!

Sarah’s wedding colors are yellow and purple, so I bought a yellow box and several sheets of shimmery purple, white, and pink alphabet stickers, which were found in the scrapbooking aisle at Michael’s.  I used these letters to write “Sarah’s Emergency Wedding Kit” on the top of the box, their wedding date, and various other things on each side of the box.

I finished the box with a letter inside that said:
Dearest Sarah, 

This box contains virtually every item you could possibly need to immediately fix any wedding day fiasco that might occur. These items include: [the list of items].  

So, in short, all you have to do is RELAX!  Your wedding day will go smoothly.  You will be the most beautiful bride, and will have an equally gorgeous wedding.  We cannot wait to see you marry your best friend!  

Love and every wish of happiness, 

In all, this kit cost me around $50.00.  I’m sure you could create a cheaper one if you bought all of the items from the dollar store, too. I’ve seen numerous versions of similar kits sold online for less than that, but I prefer mine.  It just seems a little more personal.

Fingers crossed that Sarah will like it, and I hope you do, too!

18 thoughts on “Emergency Wedding Kit”

  1. that is a very thoughtful AND useful gift! you are the voice of experience! My daughters that were maids of honor for my daughter that got married in Sept did something similar …
    I am your newest follower..pls follow bcd if you can.


  2. Just looked at this pin today because I'm planning a shower- I'm asking each shower guest to bring a couple of the items to fill the box and I'll put in the rest. Love this idea because even if the bride doesn't need it all on her “big day” she can still use them. Thanks for the idea!


  3. just stopped by from pinterest because I'm planning a wedding shower- asking each guest to bring a couple of items for the box and I'll put in the rest. Such a great idea because even if the bride doesn't use the items on her big day- she can use them later. Thanks!


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