Linky Follower Blog Hop Party!

Confession:  I am completely new to blogging.

I may or may not have discovered what a link party was only two weeks ago.

As most of you seasoned bloggers out there already know, Google Friend Connect (GFC) is going away on February 29. Therefore, a brand new tool called Linky Followers has risen as GFC’s replacement.  The site is pretty cool, too — I’ve found hundreds of new blogs and bloggers on it in the past couple of days.  If you haven’t already signed up for it, I encourage you to do so, too!  It’s great.

Kelly at Eclectically Village had this fabulous idea to host a Linky Follower Blog Hop Party.  Hopefully this will help us in the blog world get to know each other better!  You can join in on the fun, too, by grabbing the “Blog Hop Code” at the very bottom of this list.  Feel free to look around!  🙂

34 thoughts on “Linky Follower Blog Hop Party!”

  1. Hi Megan! Try logging into Linky Followers and clicking on “Dashboard” at the very top. Next to your thumbnail, there should be a box to the left that says “Quick Widget.” Click on “Get Widget” and follow the directions from there. That'll give you a html code that you can put into your sidebar. I hope that works for you!


  2. I know! I never experienced any problems with GFC, and I liked it just fine. There are a lot of cool features with Linky Followers, though, so I hope you check it out! Thanks for stopping by, Courtney! I appreciate it.


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