Ah, Mudrooms

My biggest project right now is our bleak mudroom.  It could use a little pizzazz, don’t you think?

This’s where we enter and exit the house every day.  It’s where our outdoor cat, Mac, hangs out when it’s cold outside.  And it also happens to be where I stash all of our dog food containers and painting supplies.  A little organization, color, and love is all this place needs to transform it from a mere entryway to a place that it multi-functional and simultaneously pretty.
I’m feelin’ about Olympic’s “Kaleidoscope” blue for the walls…
As well as some built-ins; cream-colored cabinetry, closet doors, and steps; a ceiling treatment; and perhaps board and batten?  We shall see.  Pinterest certainly hosts numerous beautiful mudrooms for inspiration!
Gorgeous cabinetry.
Um.  Can I have?
Beadboard on the ceiling and board and batten on the walls…

I’ve got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me with work, going out of town, and having visitors, but I’m determined to get this mudroom done as soon as possible!  Can’t wait to reveal its transformation to all of you!

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