Things That Shouldn’t Fit into a Mustang

I own a 2000 Ford Mustang convertible that I pretend is large enough to fit the cargo load of a Ford F150.

Behold the number of oversized, bulky items that we have managed to fit into my car:

1.  A duo-burner Nexgrill gas and charcoal grill from Sears.

2.  A 60 gallon fish tank stand from Petsmart.

3.  A large window bench from Target.

5.  Pallets.

Or… in the backseat of Evan’s 2008 Ford Mustang coupe:

4.  A 12 gallon Craftsman air compressor.

Imagine being smashed into the backseat of a convertible, hugging a giant cardboard box, and shamelessly singing on the top of your lungs while passersby in the left lane gape at the crazies who are driving with the top down in December.

I absolutely love my life.

2 thoughts on “Things That Shouldn’t Fit into a Mustang”

  1. That was so much fun bringing the bench home from Target. All three of us (you, me, Evan) were singing at the top of our lungs! You, unfortunately, were the one stuck in the back seat hugging the bench. At least the bench was breaking some of the wind blowing in your face as Evan zoomed down 460! Good times! — Love, mom.


  2. And how about the time we stuffed all that trash/empty boxes, etc. into both Mustangs to take to the dump/recycling place? Luckily, none of the kitchen bags tore…hehehehe — Love, mom.


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