A Leak Saga

Last Wednesday, we had a rainstorm during the night that lasted through the morning.  It wasn’t a heavy rain, but it was consistent.

When Evan and I headed into the foyer to retrieve our coats, we both stepped into a puddle in the living room.  Ugh.  I immediately turned around to accuse the two Corgis behind us. The furry culprits happily grinned back at me like this:
When I heard the tone of Evan’s “uh-oh,” I knew it wasn’t a pup accident.  Instead, I turned back around to witness a steady stream of water escaping from the molding of our entryway to our foyer.  The entryway itself was sagging and bubbling.
Right there.  Weird location, right?
We hastily placed a spaghetti pot under the leak and dashed off to work.  Once there, I spent the first half hour freaking out in my cube.  I was terrified that we were going to come home to a lake in our living room and our entire ceiling in ruins.  
Like this.
Or this?
Hopefully not this.

It didn’t help my neurotic state that when I looked up “how to repair a leaking ceiling” on Google, every website confirmed that spotting a leak in your ceiling is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.  Indeed, it was.  I couldn’t help but think of the potential damage, the cost to repair the mess, and the mold that would surface. 

Fortunately, Evan was able to take the rest of the day off from work.  The rain had stopped by the time he got home, so the leak had also ceased.  After investigating in the upstairs bathroom and crawlspace, he learned that the leak was, indeed, caused by some sort of crack in the roof.  Our good friend lent us a dehumidifer and a large fan, so we’ve been running those at all hours in attempt to discourage mold growth.
Evil roof.
And now we’re just waiting for the roofer to stop by.  Of course, he had promised he’ll fix the problem last Friday.  The ceiling has stopped buckling, and even appears to have retracted into its original position. I’m debating whether or not to try to sand and salvage the entryway, or replace it in its entirety.  I guess we’ll see!
Oh, the joys of being a homeowner.  

2 thoughts on “A Leak Saga”

  1. You might be able to file a claim with your homeowners insurance company. And through they, they can get you an insurance restoration/contract company who will come out and do the water mitigation and turn it back to new.


  2. Thanks, Sarah! We called our insurance company, who sent an inspector over to assess the damage. Unfortunately, the inspector said that the leak wasn't “bad enough” to be covered by insurance. However, I'm just happy that that means there's not too much damage! The roofer visited last Friday and fixed the leak, so fingers crossed for no more problems.


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