A New Year’s Resolution

I’m not afraid of paint.  I love paint.  I think it’s the easiest, most inexpensive, and most effective decorative solution available.  That’s why my house currently resembles a box of crayons.

That being said… I need to get out of my comfort zone.  And that’s what my plans are for this year.

You see, if I would’ve just painted my kitchen walls instead of staining the cabinets red, I would’ve ended up with my old apartment’s kitchen:

To me, that’s settling for something.  And I don’t want to settle.  I want to create something remarkable.  Something inspiring.  Something that every time I walk into the finished room, I want hug the daylights out of it.

If I would’ve chosen to paint the kitchen cabinets rather than stain them, it would’ve been a piece of cake for me.  Because I’m comfortable with paint.  I was, however, uncomfortable with stain.  After I laid out all of the cabinet doors in my back yard to prepare to stain them, I had a mini panic attack.  Then, when I reattached the finished doors later that night, I had a full-out meltdown.  Poor Evan can attest to this.  The reason?  I saw this:

And I thought… what did I just do.  These cabinets were perfectly fine to begin with.  I ruined them.  I’m an idiot.  Why, why, why?
Then, I slept on it.  The following morning, I painted the walls.  By the time the kitchen was completed, a transformation took place.  Not just in the kitchen, but in my own psyche.  I loved what I had done.  Now, every time I step into my kitchen, I just stare.  In awe. I may or may not dance a little.
The kitchen, decorating magazines, other DIY blogs, even just going on a stroll through Lowe’s has given me the confidence to take a step out of my comfort zone.  I need to.  Otherwise, I’ll just keep with what I have already done.  You’ve seen my living room.  It’s all right.  But with a little creativity, it can be extraordinary.  
With that being said, here are some of the materials I plan on using in the next year to make my home one I can really show off.  One that I’ll be proud of.  Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire others to do the same!
1.  Power Tools.

I’ve got a garage full of power tools.  Nothing should stop me now.
2.  Pallets.

The DIY Blog world is covered with women who have created headboards, entire walls, bookcases, coffee tables, and even lawn furniture out of re-purposed pallets.  Each one of these projects is absolutely gorgeous.  I have a few ideas of my own to incorporate these into my home.
3.  Fabric.

I’ve got a sewing machine and the Internet as a guide.  Let’s do this.
4.  Molding.

Want a simple way to boost the value of your home or add drama?  Add molding to ceilings, baseboards, cabinets, furniture, mirrors… anything.

5.  Bead Board and/or Board and Batten.

I’m not completely convinced that board and batten is the kind of style that I want in my home, but I’d love to experiment.

6.  Lighting.
Light fixtures are expensive.  We’ve replaced several fixtures in our house already, and I’d like to explore the world of DIY lighting for the rest.

7.  Landscaping.
Our yard is a clean slate.  Can’t wait to distinguish it.
8.  Tile.
I’ve never laid tile before.  Why not give it a shot?
9.  Ceilings.
ADORE this blog: http://www.notjustahousewife.net/2011/01/stenciled-ceiling.html  
Why should ceilings be left out of the picture?
10.  Crafts.

I’m not the crafty type, but I can certainly learn to be.  
Can’t wait to BEGIN!

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