Ready, set, BUILD!

I always thought that it would be cool to be a carpenter.  Bob Vila, Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, and the Home and Garden Network certainly influenced that.  The kinds of bookcases, headboards, dining tables, ottomans, and even decks that these carpenters could make in an afternoon always astonished me.

I’ve never tried to build something before.  My designing skills mostly revolve around my ability to slap some brightly colored paint on a wall and call it a day.  I’d love to be able to design and build a cabinet, shelving, a coffee table… anything!  Lately I’ve been getting inspired by reading articles and blogs about women who love doing such things.  Since then, I’ve been doodling and making measurements and brainstorming ideas for various carpentry projects of my very own.

What’s been stopping me has been that… well, I only own a hammer, a few screwdrivers, and an X-acto knife.

But not anymore!  Our families downright spoiled us this year for Christmas.  Our garage is now equipped with a brad nailer, a jigsaw, an orbital sander, and a miter saw.  Evan and I went out and bought a air compressor yesterday.  So excited.  Trust me, first thing tomorrow morning, I’m heading off to Lowe’s to buy some lumber, some crown molding, and some MDF. I’m sure there will be a lot of learning and a whole lot of trial and error, but that’s what this’s all about, right?


So let the building begin!

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