A Merry and Bright Christmas

We had a lot of fun decorating our house for the holidays this year.  It was a surreal experience.  I kept having to remind myself that the numerous strings of Christmas lights we bought were for our home.  Not for our apartment’s porch, not for our dorm room’s loft bed… our home.  

That being said, it was really difficult to control our excitement and refrain from creating this:

I absolutely love the cool white and bright red LED lights that they sell nowadays, so we bought every last one of them from Target.  We strung them throughout our azaleas, hydrangea bushes, and our crape myrtle trees.  I plan on planting several more sturdy bushes in the spring, so we’ll be able to have more lights next year.  We are also thinking of hanging white icicle lights next year from our roof.
Our house has two peaks — a larger one above the garage and a smaller one above the front guest room — which I thought would be perfect backdrops for wreaths.  My mom went to town creating giant candy cane striped bows for the two wreaths and several silver ones for the post on our front stoop. For the life of me, I cannot make bows.  I really wish I could!  

The wreaths themselves were incredibly easy to make, and we got all of the materials from Michael’s.  After snipping off the blooms of several silver poinsettias and red hydrangeas, I glue-gunned the flowers in random places throughout the wreath, and then peppered the empty spaces with red berry stems.  It took all of five minutes to create each wreath.  
Evan then braved the ladder and drilled hooks into the bottom slats of our siding to hang the wreaths securely.  We bought two LED spotlights from Lowe’s to display each wreath and portions of our house at night.  
We wrapped garland and Christmas lights around the pole on our front porch.  I then stuck the leftover berries in the garland to spruce it up a bit, and finished it with the silver bows that my mom made.
I reused a wreath that I created for our apartment last year for our front door.  Despite being crushed in a box for 11 months, it still looked great — just needed to be fluffed a little bit.
There’s a large entryway between our foyer/living room.  My mom made four bows for each side of the entryway and I draped six poinsettia garlands to frame it.  
There were a series of hooks that had been left under our breakfast counter.  At first, we couldn’t figure out what the previous owners had used them for, but then we realized that it was probably for a Christmas decoration of some sort.  Inspired, we added a pine garland complete with bows and wrapped it around the counter on those hooks.
Evan and I bought a fake Christmas tree last year because the apartment complex deemed real ones as a fire hazard.  We still loved our tree, though, so we placed that one upstairs in the bonus room, and bought a real Fraser Fir for our living room.  It was pretty neat having two trees.  We certainly had enough ornaments for them!
Alejandro, our real tree.
Lucy, our fake tree.
The seller’s wife loved to decorate the house for Christmas, so he left behind candles and wreaths for each window.  I put up the candles, but didn’t have a chance to spruce up the wreaths.  That’ll be a project for next year.

Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season!

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