Garage Overhaul Ideas

I am unbelievably excited about one of my upcoming projects.  Surprisingly enough, it’s the one that I’ve been looking forward to the most, even above the kitchen renovation… and that is the Garage Overhaul.
The Garage: Before Move-in
Before Move-in
We’ve got an oversized two-car garage that is patiently waiting a makeover.  It’s very white.  The seller left behind a solid work bench, two worn peg boards, and three shelving units that I plan on salvaging.  There are several large cracks in the concrete floor and numerous holes in the drywall that need to be repaired.  There is a lot of opportunities in such a blank space.
Evan absolutely loves to work on cars, and he’s developing an appreciation for building things.  I want to create a  functional, organized, durable, and cool garage for him.  I’ve been designing his new garage in my head for many months now, and I cannot wait until I have the time and money to get started.  I actually got a little impatient last weekend and painted one wall of it.  If it wasn’t for the cold weather, the whole thing would’ve been finished by now!  
Until then, I’ve enjoyed window shopping through each visit to Sears and looking at garage pictures online to brainstorm new ideas:
Evan’s favorite color combination is red and black.  He also has a lot of Craftsman tools.
I think a similar color scheme will be involved…
Love the use of pegboards here.  What a cute, simple ideas for the jars!
We have a ton of sports equipment that I have yet to find an organization solution for.
Love the cabinetry and the flooring!
So pretty!

Can’t wait to get started!

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