Mac Attack

Meet Mac Attack.

When we took our first tour of the house last July, we pulled into the driveway and were instantly greeted by this orange cat.  He purred loudly and rubbed against each of our legs.  I’ve always wanted a cat, and I was in love.  At one point, I even joked to both Evan and our realtor, “Does the cat come with the house?”
Our seller was a sweet guy.  He was a newly-widowed older gentleman who didn’t need quite as much space anymore.  We met him in-person on Inspection Day.  At one point, his outdoor cat decided to say hi.  I sat down on the driveway and petted the cat as I listened to the seller tell stories about the house, the neighbors, and how things worked.
“I love your cat,” I mentioned.
“Oh, Mac?  You want him?”
Evan and I laughed, thinking he was just kidding around.
“I’m serious.  You can have him,” the seller replied.  
The seller further explained that Mac had lived at this house since it was built in 2004. Mac had long since been the ruler of the yard, defending it from other cats and mailmen.  The seller was afraid that Mac would run away Homeward Bound-style to return to the house after the move.  
Needless to say, it didn’t take much to convince me to say yes.  And Evan, well… I just puppy-faced him until he agreed to it.  
At closing, the seller left behind all of Mac’s vet records, his feeding bowls, his cat bed, and a few months’ worth of Frontline and food.  Evan and I had guessed that Mac was probably about eight years old.  And then we glanced at the vet records.  Mac is, much to our surprise, fourteen years old.  
Mac relaxes in our garage, prowls the yard, and sleeps in the mudroom on cold nights.  He pigs out on the new Friskies that we bought for him and preys upon our dogs for sport.  He constantly demands for our affection, and  leaves us little gifts in front of the mudroom door: a couple squirrels, several birds, and a few mice. Evan’s in charge of the disposal of these presents.  We joke that he’s our vicious guard cat and have lovingly nicknamed him Mac Attack.  
In all, he’s a good cat, and has quickly become a part of our family.

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