A Little Shoutout to My Handyman

Evan is a truly remarkable husband.  I am very fortunate to have him in my life.

Since we placed an offer on our house, Evan has endured trip after trip to Lowe’s, Grand Home Furnishings, and Bed Bath and Beyond.  He has listened with patience and earnestness to my decorating findings via the blog world, Crate and Barrel catalogs, and coupons.  He has let me choose every paint color, every pillow, every blanket, and every candleholder.  Then, when I am at a loss for ideas, he always comes up with something brilliant (Remember our crusty old mailbox?  It was his idea to salvage it.  Read about it here).

Evan is the type of person who doesn’t shrink away from tasks with which he is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with.  He just… figures it out himself.  What’s even better?  He’s good at this.  He likes the challenge.  That’s why he’s my unofficial-yet-official plumber, carpenter, architect, electrician, car mechanic, math teacher, and chef.

Official toilet installer.
Official painting assistant. 
Official grill assembler.

In the past month, Evan’s installed and plumbed a new toilet, installed three new bathroom light fixtures, repaired drywall, replaced three ugly light fixtures with new ceiling fans, installed two new faucets, caulked the new toilet and our bathtub, fitted 10 new door knobs, dealt with our slight mouse problem in the attic (EEEEEEK!)… and that’s to only name a few projects.

Official ceiling fan installer.
Official electrician / drywall repairer.
Official guy-to-do-the-scariest-tasks-involving-heights.

Evan has spent countless hours painting walls and hard-to-reach spaces (a blessing for us short people), departing on emergency Lowe’s errands, moving heavy furniture and boxes, bringing me food and taking care of our animals while I’m painting, and consoling me when I’m tired-and-cranky-and-freaking-out-over-insane-kitchen-renovations.

God love him.  I know I do.

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