The Living Room Reveal

When we went on the first tour of our house last August, Evan wasn’t too crazy about the living room.  He thought it was small and didn’t like the idea of it being located in a huge traffic area.  After hearing this, I had to agree.  The living room wasn’t very large, and served as a conduit of the adjacent front door / foyer, guest bathroom, guest bedrooms, the staircase leading to upstairs, and the dining room / kitchen.  I was a little more used to the open floorplan concept, though, because my parents’ house is designed in a similar way.
Living Room: Before

Evan seemed content, however, with the idea that we would use the upstairs’ bonus room as the true “hang out,” and where we’d place the TV for now.  I promised to make him a Man Cave up there, complete with every Virginia Tech-Washington Capitals-Washington Nationals-random-sports memorabilia available.  Then, once we can afford a second TV, we’ll stick that one in the living room to make it more than just a sitting room.

Living Room: Before
Apparently the previous owner had a lot of furniture, because on move-in day, the living room looked enormous.  Well, in comparison.  We don’t have a lot of furniture, so it was a nice surprise.  Evan was pleased.
The downstairs was originally painted either a light tan or a peach color.  This, in conjunction with the open floorplan, caused the living room, dining room, and kitchen to blend in together.  Therefore, just like I did with the dining room, I decided that a bold color would separate the living room from the others and make it unique.

I painted my last apartment’s living room / dining room Olympic’s “Georgian Leather.”  I loved it.  It was bright, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  Instead, it was almost calming.  Weird, I know.  I think the most overpowering aspect of the walls, rather, was the amount of picture frames I hung.  I couldn’t help myself.   So, I decided to reuse it.

I painted my apartment’s walls with one coat of this paint in satin.  It was ridiculous how smoothly and how well the paint covered the walls.  I thought that maybe it was just a fluke — that the Lowe’s employee accidentally added primer or something.  Nope.  Much to my surprise, the orange went on just as perfect as before.  Especially after the red dining room, this was a dream.  This time, however, I used up the whole gallon by applying two coats of the orange, just in case my eyes were deceiving me.

For the outlets, I tried a different kind of spray paint this time:  Rustoleum’s Multicolor Textured paint in “Desert Bisque.”  It sprayed on evenly and dried with a finish that looked and felt quite literally like sand.  I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was just adhesive and sand.  It was cool!

To finish the room, I pushed the couch, coffee table, and fish tank back in place.  It’s incredible how paint transforms a room so quickly and easily.  I was able to complete the living room on a weeknight while watching a movie.

Corgi photobomb.
The rug is from Lowe’s.  It’s called “City Blocks.”  We realized after buying it that we should’ve gotten a larger rug, but this one will certainly do.  My favorite part of the room are the windows.  I love how large they are.  The seller left behind some oil bronze curtain rods, which I will utilize eventually.  I’ll probably just drape some wispy curtains to frame each window.  I also plan on making floor lamps and and side lamps to save money.  

We’re also planning on getting a TV and maybe a loveseat or oversized chair.  For now, the fish are happy where they are.  
So many colors!

Thanks for reading!

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