Easy Mailbox Facelift

Our mailbox needed a little help.  It worked perfectly fine and served its purpose; therefore, we didn’t feel the need to replace it with a new one.  It just needed some love.
We were originally just going to spray paint it black, but then Evan got a great idea. Remember Pixar’s film, Up?  It’s one of our favorites.  
When Carl and Ellie bought their house, they went on a redecorating marathon to make it all bright and cheerful (sound familiar?).  As Ellie was painting their mailbox, Carl placed his hand on the top of the mailbox, accidentally leaving behind his hand print in purple paint.  Ellie merely giggled and then placed her hand print right below it.
Evan and I didn’t exactly have purple, green, and pink spray paint on hand, but we did have black and silver.  So, per Evan’s suggestion, we took off the mailbox from its post and doused it with Rustoleum’s Hammered Silver spray paint.  Once that first layer was dry, we put on some latex gloves, propped our hands on the mailbox, and asked my mom to cover the silver with Rustoleum’s Hammered Black spray paint.  After waiting a little while, we blanketed the mailbox with plastic wrap and spray painted the flag a bright Rustoleum red.  
My hand on the left, Evan’s on the right.  Apparently I have huge hands?
And, well, once everything was dry, we re-installed our easily-transformed, happy little mailbox.  I smile every time I see it as I pull into our driveway.

1 thought on “Easy Mailbox Facelift”

  1. Kirsten: You are so lucky to have a hubby who came up with this wonderful suggestion all on his own. I still laugh remembering how at his suggestion to spray paint both your hands on the mailbox, you and I stopped digging holes for your mums and got all teary-eyed…and then we both said, “UP!” : )


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